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New York to New England Hammered During World’s Largest Bar Crawl


What started as day drinking between friends has rapidly grown to be much more. From New York all the way up the coasts of New England, alcohol enthusiasts are taking to their local watering holes for some early morning boozing.

Officials say the impromptu bar crawl, comprised of Corey Baker and Martin Wallis of Massachusetts, has gone viral at an unprecedented rate. “All I did was check-in on Foursquare, saying we were starting Friday off with a bar crawl, and posted the check-in on Facebook and Twitter. All of a sudden I see on the news that the whole Northeast is doing a bar crawl too,” explains Corey.

According to officials it took all but 47 minutes for the bar crawl to reach ‘viral’ levels with it showing little to no signs of slowing down. Check-ins at bars have started pouring in from Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey with some even popping up further out west; all expressing their interest and support for the Friday morning bar crawl.

Local bar owners are thankful for the business garnered from this trend and hope more will join in soon. “I was debating even opening up today, what with the storm and all,” says local bar owner Anthony Dimetrio. “People began coming in, I told ’em to stay as long as they wanted but they’re doing some sort of bar crawl thing. Seems the people in town are rotating through the bars, though, so we haven’t had a dull moment yet.”

As for Corey and Martin, they are currently “four beers deep walking over to spot number three” accompanied with the hash tag #WorldwideBarCrawl. No word yet on how pubs feel about the branding.

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