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Don’t Worry, It’s Only [Temp]orary

After quitting my job without having another one in place back in February, I was living off of the left over vacation time I had gotten paid upon departure (as well as my tax refund). Soon, though, I knew I would need to find something. Applying to dozens of jobs a day wasn’t working out for me and I decided to sign up with a temp agency to pick up work here and there so I could eat. Continue reading

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Unemployment: Day Three

Alternative title: Catmageddon


Something like that

So, yesterday I went over to my mother’s apartment to help spruce some things up a bit (namely, my old bedroom and her desk). Long story short, I now have two cats! I’d post a picture of Tango, but he’s been hiding both behind and under the couch since he got here.


Except Tango looks nothing like this

Tango is one of the cats I grew up and lived with for 12 years (he is 16 now). He is overweight, depressed, has non-cancerous growths all over his body, and has some breathing problems due to his size (he grunts). He has always fit the scaredy-cat persona due to being abused by the breeder we got him from and has never been an alpha male.

Jynxx, on the other hand, has always been my one and only since I got him when he was four months old. He has stayed over at other places without me in the past that have kitties and I’m told he’s been quite fine (more playful than anything else). Safe to say that is not the case when a stranger is on his turf.


Good representation of Jynxx at the moment

I’m glad that he can differentiate between the two situations, but unhappy that he can’t tell that Tango is an old, fat wimp and just needs some cuddles.

This morning, however, things got a little bit interesting. I let Jynxx out of my room since he probably had to use his litter box, and we found Tango sleeping on the couch. Jynxx didn’t like that and started right up with the chirping meow he uses whenever he sees a bird out of the window.


“I WILL eat you”

Tango resumed his behind-the-couch position and after relieving himself, Jynxx decided it was best to get in Tango’s face and corner him. Here is where I assumed a chase of sorts would start — Tango would be non-confrontational and shy away from Jynxx’s advances while Jynxx demanded he assert some sort of cat manliness to see who’s boss.

Yeah, didn’t happen.

Maybe Tango is sick of being kicked around by an alpha male his whole life, maybe he’s getting a thrill over asserting dominance, maybe he’s even just trying to clear his throat. Whatever the case, Tango is one mean mother fucker when it comes to hissing and growling. It is safe to say I am going to have nightmares tonight after hearing the sounds this cat is making (and it’s only 10am). The hisses and growls Tango is making is causing my alpha male to actually back away, which is confusing Jynxx more than it’s confusing me.

Click through for more action as it happens…meow.

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Jazz and Ballet

Ballet to jazz music, that’s what I’d like to see. Don’t get me wrong, I love traditional ballet set to classical music, I did it for a good number of years as well. There just happens to be a tremendous amount of jazz pieces that I would love to see that flow of elegance and power found in ballet be displayed. They both tell a story, jazz and ballet, and I yearn that juxtaposition. Classical music is fine when it comes to storytelling, but I think the contrast between jazz and ballet would tell a powerful tale as well (and possibly in a relatively unsuspecting way).

For now I shall sit here listening to jazz and choreographing ballet masterpieces in my head, hoping that some day someone will think these thoughts as well and make it happen.

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Self Portrait


Self portrait. It’s fun to pretend the blonde mass of hair around my head is actually a swarm of bees.

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How I Feel Today

The styluses I ordered from Hong Kong came in the mail today, so I decided to draw a picture on my Kindle of what I feel like:


The app I drew this in for some reason decided to make it thumbnail sized, which is only making my headache cloud of misery shoot more pain rays at my head 😦

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